The Elements of EleMech




Billiam Billiards is just a regular Joe, as a lot of people are. All that he desires is a stable career, a loving wife, and happiness all around him. Billiam has always been a very hands on kind of guy. He has had quite a hobby of building model airplanes and RC cars. Basketball is in his soul. He can bring the crowd to tears with the stories he tells every time that he puts his mouth to his trumpet. Rumor has it that he once very skillfully flew a model airplane in such a way as to graze the tail in a thriving field of green, all while the sun was setting upon the horizon. I guess you can say that Mr. Billiards loves being hands on because it goes hand in hand with his love of life.

This is why he chose to study engineering. More specifically, he chose mechanical engineering. As you can probably tell, Billiam Billiards is just a made up name, as the real person has asked to remain anonymous. But go with it anyway, please.

In order for Billiam to move on towards his goal of a fulfilling life, he went to the NIU Internship Fair, which is held every semester at the Convocation Center (and for engineers, also at the Engineering Building during the same week). He put on his best dress shirt and a positive attitude. EleMech was one of the companies there. Since Mr. Billiards had done his research beforehand, he knew that EleMech is a company that deals with control panel design within the wastewater management business. They design the controls that clean large masses of water! Now, he loves having clean water as much as anybody else, and therefore went confidently up to the representative present. A nice chat was had.

That following summer, in May, Billiam stepped through the doors of the company in Aurora as a Project Engineer Intern. Until August of the same year, he learned how to work with PLC’s by learning how to read ladder logic. Furthermore, Mr. Billiard’s skills in AutoCad Electrical were enhanced when he designed control panel wiring based off of specifications. Of course every project had its own challenges.

The part of the experience that Billiam enjoyed the most was being able to work on his own independent project throughout the summer. Numerous hours of testing and research were put into figuring out a method to keep control panels cool while minimizing air conditioner size. His mind was challenged and his interest in hands on activities was stimulated.

You may be thinking now, “Wow, this sounds like the opportunity of a life time! How can I get involved with this?” Fear not, for there is a solution. If you are interested in an internship with EleMech, visit their website at:

            Be sure to take advantage of every opportunity available to get that much needed experience to be competitive in the world upon graduation. While EleMech offers mainly engineering positions, the Internship Fair is a great place to make your impression on many other companies offering internships in your field of study.

When asked whether Billiam would recommend the position to someone else, he replied, “It’s always great to get experience.” Now Mr. Billiam Billiards is one step closer to living happily with a future Mrs. Billiards by his side and the sun setting outside of his hard earned hobbit hole in Eastern Europe.

-Greg Sassi


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