“The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.”

– Plutarch

Our mission as the Northern Illinois University’s honors blog is to provide both the kindling for the honors mind and the fire for the honors community to gather around. We have redesigned the traditional Luminary to capture the experience of Northern Illinois University’s honors students. Through the tireless efforts of the Luminary executive board, we are proud to present our new version of Plutarch’s fire. Please explore the demographics of Northern Illinois University’s Honors Program with our “Who We Are” tab, discover the experiences and opportunities of our students with our “Life on the Outside” tab, uncover interesting facts about our faculty and students with our “5 Questions” tab, experience our campus and our adventures through our eyes with our “Snap Shots” tab, ponder the philosophies and thoughts of our students with our “Soul Food” tab, and finally meet the hardworking team that made the new Luminary possible with our “Your Bloggers” tab. We look forward to updating our information monthly as we continue to grow with our Honors Program and the community we build together.

-Maggie Miller


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