Finishing the Semester with a Bang

We all know that summer will be here very soon, and motivation may be on a downswing with the sudden amazing weather. But don’t let your guard down so soon! If you do, you’ll surely end up on your back like a turtle that got knocked over by the wave of the semester. Here’s how to finish off with a bang:

Spring Lamb

  1. Don’t get tempted by the weather

Spring is here! The flowers are blooming, the chill spots on campus are once again bearable, and the weird unicycle kids are out. (Just kidding, I’m not of them so they’re not weird). What better thing to do then go enjoy that vitamin D?

Well, I’ll tell you what better thing: studying!! The reason why the school system is designed to end on the best weather is because they want to test us. Are we willing to give up happiness for a grade? If the answer is no, then you have given up that A.

Of course that’s just a joke, but do keep the studying up. Keep a well organized study schedule so you can actually enjoy the weather and thrive in class at the same time.

Conquring Classes

  1. Review old material

Since we are now past half of the semester already, take some time (maybe out on a bench by the Lagoon?) to review the semester’s notes and tests. See whether or not you’re on top of things. If you find that you could use some more studying, figure out how you can get caught up. Classes are only going to move forward from here on out. Pretend that you’re Mario and each class is a Goomba (a.k.a. one of those mushroom looking things from the Mario games). Jump and stay on top of them!


  1. Make use of the weather for exercise

Exercise helps us feel better and therefore study better. I don’t know about you, but running through neighborhoods in warm weather is just like meditation for me. If you’ve been going to the gym, great! Try some outside running or biking too? If you haven’t been doing much exercise, today is a great time to start! Today is tomorrow’s yesterday.

Who knows, you might end up having existential thoughts on your run through town. If you go through the DeKalb non-college neighborhoods you can get a little glimpse into what hundreds of people’s lives have become. Dekalbian’s lives have all accumulated into living in a house on a street in the middle of a mid-western town. Hopes and dreams have been accomplished or let go. No matter what has happened, life goes on. What is there to life besides just trying our best and going big?

Once you get back home you can shower and then head to the library. You are motivated to work towards your greatest educational dreams!

Family Jog

  1. Fall in love

No, I don’t mean with someone else. (If that is the case though, great!) I mean fall in love with your studies. Remember why you went to school in the first place. Find a reason to love what you are studying. That will motivate you to study hard for those classes. Think about the next steps. What can you do to be the best person that you can be? Pretend like you’re a flower and you want to flourish. If you love your studies, you’ll have a lot harder of a time finding excuses.

I love books

  1. Have fun

While school is important and all, it’s good to have those breaks. There is no way to go 100% at your studies for several weeks straight. Burnout happens. Study hard (and without Facebook) for a while and then take breaks. Have fun! Life is just life after all. Nobody will care whether or not you studied for 8 hours instead of 12 hours. Do go outside and enjoy the wonderful weather that Mother Nature has provided for us. If you are all caught up, are exercising a bit, love your studies, and are having some fun at the same time, the last bit of this semester will finish with a bang.


Coffee Man

– Greg Sassi

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