Switching Gears with ZF Services

There are essentially two (or three) reasons that people go t
o college:

  1. They want to expand their mind and explore the edge of knowledge.
  2. They are determined to follow a specific career path and become “successful.”
  3. They are forced by their parents to decide between going to school or being kicked out of the house.

Of course you could probably come up with all kinds of other reasons, but I’m going to stick with those three as of this moment. I am happy to say that I, personally, fall into the first two categories and not at all in the third. There is so much out there to learn, and I love that aspect of college. To tickle my brain is to be happy and alive.

My first reason for going to NIU has been covered easily, but the application and practical side of my education has been a little lackluster. Sure, I try to apply whatever I learn in engineering to my hobbies, but the end goal is a career. Luckily this past summer I had a great opportunity to switch gears from theory to practice. I got an internship at ZF Services!

Most of you probably don’t know what ZF Services is, or even whether to pronounce it “zed-eff” or “zee-eff.” Have no worries! I am here to perform a rescue (attempt)! ZF Services is a transmission remanufacturing facility located nicely in the town of Vernon Hills, Illinois. You probably wouldn’t know it, but ZF transmissions are all over the place. Cars, trucks, buses, and even wind turbines use the company’s transmissions. Needless to say, it was pretty cool to see bearing races that are large enough to lie down in and all of the planetary gears that go into today’s technology.

I was exposed to all of the above. Production engineering was area I worked with, and the pressure was on to perform. I was involved first-hand in the engineering side of getting prepared for launching the remanufacture of a new ZF transmission. Yes, I was put up to some less exciting tasks as well, but that’s to be expected of an intern. I learned an immense amount over the summer and met a lot of great people. Plus, ZF is a German company, which meant that many fun accents were heard while in the building.

Amongst the many people that I met while at the company were plenty of other interns. ZF offers internships ranging from business to engineering to workshop work. Several exciting opportunities are available for people that are considering a career with ZF. All you have to do is apply!  

So would I recommend, ZF? Definitely! But don’t leave it up to me. Visit ZF.com and see for yourself.

Greg Sassi

-Greg Sassi

P.S. It’s pronounced however you want to pronounce it. ☺


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