Everything Happens for a Reason

This is a quote that I am sure most of us have heard, and many of us (including myself) live by its ideology. I am a firm believer in this quote, but until recently I had never thought about how many events in my life led to positive outcomes that would not have otherwise happened.

One huge example that comes to mind is my parents’ divorce. First of all, my home life would have been miserable if my parents had stayed married. Even at the age of ten, I could tell that the love between my mother and father was becoming non-existent. Things didn’t feel right; there was a sense that they were not cohesive as a couple anymore, even though I likely did not perceive it in such complex terms as a youth. If my parents did not get divorced, I would not have gone to the middle school and high school that I did. Both schools ended up being huge influences on my personality, and I loved attending both of them. I made great friends- quite a few of whom I still have contact with. I always wonder how I would have turned out as a person if I did not move from Rockford to Belvidere. I wonder if I would have ended up playing music as extensively as I did since playing is such a huge part of my identity. I cannot imagine how different my life would have ended up being if my parents did not divorce. I look back with no regrets and an overwhelming amount of good memories, and this only reinforces my opinion that my parents’ divorce was for the better.

Another prime example of something happening for a reason involves how I became a summer camp counselor in June of 2014. At the end of May of that year, I had taken a job working in a factory that made wall frames and other materials for carpenters. It was by far the worst job I have ever had. I only lasted two days, for a number of reasons. Looking back, it was not the best idea for me to quit without having another job lined up, but I knew in my head that leaving was the right thing to do. As it turns out, I was right. I went without a job for about three weeks, but one day I came across a post by one of my friends on Facebook that said my town’s park district had open positions for camp counselors. Thinking the job sounded fun, I applied and was quickly contacted for an interview. I ended up being hired by the end of the interview and soon began working at what has become my favorite job I have ever had. I completed my second summer in August, and have full intentions of going back next summer. Every day was filled with smiles and new adventures, and I always looked forward to seeing my campers and coworkers. I think to myself constantly that if I had not left the job in the factory, there is a chance that I never would have gotten the camp counselor job, and for that, I am extremely thankful that I left.

Whether there are good or bad circumstances that surround an event, everything truly does happen for a reason. We may not know why something occurred, perhaps we never will, but it is important to believe that life will balance itself out. Everything that has ever happened in our lives has led us to the moment we are in right this second and that is right where we are supposed to be. Whether it be something as miniscule as walking down the hall, or something huge like travelling far away, in anything we do or in anything that happens in our lives, there is always a reason.

– Alex Nash


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